Alternate Invention

by Seven Star

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Haydn Latham
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Haydn Latham Album from another planet, Favorite track: Alternate Invention.
Constantly Searching For...
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Constantly Searching For... Features a ton a solid tracks including one with Akin and Cise Star of CYNE, and a song entitled 'woman', which speaks about amazing women in SS's life...a great album...although the track about him getting freaking won't be getting any spins... Favorite track: Friendshit.
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I was working on an album with Induce ( called " A View Of Heaven From A Seat In Hell ", but we put it on the back burner for one reason or another. I had to turn in an album to the label I was on at the time so I put together a new project with the help of Dj Manuvers ( The tittle was an obvious choice. " Alternate Invention ". I hope you enjoy.


I want to dedicate this album to my family Lina my wife & Thomas my son. I love you guys so much!!


released August 16, 2006



all rights reserved


Seven Star Miami, Florida

I'm just your friendly neighborhood MC

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Track Name: Alternate Invention
Recreation. An invention inspired by a galaxy. The present view atop the oldest cliff. A new blood. A changed strand. 20 million new perceptions everyday. A new man. The heart beats at a different pace. The change can be seen in the face. A belief that this will fill the void once and for all. This will lift and replace the evils with beauty. Speaking strange, but with passion. Alone, but in love. No enemies. Just those who once cared. Always looking up. Always appreciative. Conscious of the life in all things. On a journey to rectify my mistakes. Asking for forgiveness from anyone who I may have crossed in the wrong. An alternate intention. An alternate comprehension. An alternate invention.

(Alternate Invention 7x)
Track Name: Eros
She wants me. the smell of her perfume haunts me. I think of her every minute of the day. She's so cool it turns me on. I want to be near her. I'd like to kiss her on the neck in front of a mirror so I could watch her eyelids close with a passion. The only love she needs is everlasting. I got answers if she's asking. Don't be afraid of the outcome cuz I aint going no place. I'll kiss every crevasses of your face. First the corner of your mouth then I ease in. Licking your lips is pleasing to me. To see you smile for good reason. Be free with me baby. You can touch me if you like. Wherever you like. What ever feels right. From top to bottom buttons loosen and reveal the beauty concealed. I bring her close to feel what she feels. Cheek to cheek, making out, sneaking peeks. Two undercover freaks easing their way to getting under the sheets.

(When 2 people are in love...
Ecstasy is what their facing. 2x)

Her shirt falls, lips pucker, nipples rise. All I want to feel is the warmth between her thighs. I kneel at her waist looking directly in her eyes. I unbutton her pants and pull down her fly. Both of us quickly losing our shy girl and guy. My tongue begins to glide as she guides my hand on a downwards slide inside. Fingertips touching hips. I look up and she's licking her lips. Both of her legs have a twitch. Her pants fall with the twist of my wrist. I kiss her thighs in a bliss, place her leg on my shoulder, kissing her lips and clitoris till she screams in a fit. Just to hear her call my name drives me insane. Her moans and groans will forever be imprinted in my brain. Let it rain, let it rain. She came for her man who's here to soothe all her pain. Now that my blood flows anticipation grows and grows. I get closer so she knows.

(When 2 people are in love...
Ecstasy is what their facing. 2x)

I press my body up against hers and we breathe in unison. She takes off her bra, rests her breast on my chest... Her warm skin sends a shiver down my spine. A mess of human flesh. We're intertwined. I grab her from behind, lift her hair and lick the back of her neck right down her spine, tilt her towards the pillow and now she's mine. I grab her hips, blood rushing to the tip. I slip it in quick. This is it. The more moans the harder the hit. I need to hear her scream. I want her to release stress. A thousand orgasms on this mattress. I lay her down. She lifts her legs and grab her ankles for another round. There's people in the next room. We try not to make a sound, but consciousness can't be found when lost in lust two lovers drown. I'm cuming she's cuming around. An aftermath of heavy breathing, holding hands side by side, knocking out and sleeping sound.

(When 2 people are in love...
Ecstasy is what their facing. 2x)
Track Name: Dawn Of Miles
You don't wana hear that I don't care how I dress. Cut your hair, shave your beard. Seven You're a mess. No jewelry for me. Forget the bling. I came here to rock the people. Let's see what this cat brings. Open the door. My smile is the key. No need to worry. Lend me a patient ear. The rest can hurry. If you don't feel me now you will repeat this life. 7 cycles later when the pimp needs a wife you'll see the light. I'm solo on a mission avoiding the Hip Pop collision. They clock bitches. I clock religion. Paradigm shift as soon as I make incision. New vision, new world, new knowledge. I'm on some self taught shit. For you it's fuck college, but you can call it whatever you want. The name is Seven Star. Real recognize real. Manuvers production on the wheels of steel. I try to speak according to the way I feel. Dreaming of a better day when they don't chastise every word I say. See I don't claim to be perfect. I don't claim to be so smart I don't need read. I realize my ignorance. I realize I need feed. Fact & fiction digestion. The gods would be proud. We're gods. We bang loud on the eardrums of the crowd. A couple of acapellas & we're out. We're gods we bang loud on the eardrums of the crowd. A couple of acapellas and we're out.

I don't want a career. I don't want to be the employee of the year. I need this pseudo comfort America is selling where Ritalin will keep the nations toddlers from yelling. I don't need to read the lies or watch the lies to know. I feel the guilt of everybody dying slow, lying cold after profit hurricanes blow. What they reap they wont sow. It doesn't matter if the ignorant don't cuz I know. Certain thing that matter to me don't matter to you. So what if I'm depressed? You seem to think every thing's cool. Keep thinking the same. Keep thinking insane. Just blame it on me cuz I'm deranged. Wisdom doesn't come with age. Wisdom comes through gaining understanding. Ignorance is a phase that could last for 7 God days. These people seem to think I have odd ways of functioning in this maze. I want to change the world! The odd man out will be praised for days and days and days.

They say I think ideal. That what I see in humanity will never be real. They think I'm crazy with ideas like healthcare for all. They think that if this goes down the nation will fall. See I just want to know why some have and some don't. Why some grab and some wont. Why some steal and some give. Why most die and some live! I just dream of balance, of never fearing death cuz fearing death makes you collect till there's nothing left. I try not to be them. Those who follow the trends. YO I'm conditioned and I hate it!. You could debate it all you want. I've been invaded! Thank God La Mano Fria Infiltrated 6 times with sick rhymes and ill beats you can't defeat. Never separated! We made it this far. To the mighty Algo, Antenae, Mechanical Mystic, Earthworxs, Flow Official, SuperSoul, Deviant, Dystopia and Muet where ever you are!
Track Name: Speak The Truth
We say YES YES YALL! Free our minds and make love to the music with a passion. Dive in the deepest regions and chasms searching for treasures lost. Varnish will take the tarnish off and up the cost. Before you are the masters of The Guild. Champions in our fields. Content is the weapon we wield. There's no need to look any further the CYNE's in your face. Sept Etoile with something that the people can taste. Laced with knowledge, samples and SHARPSOUND. Leaving crop circles with MANUVERS that astound. Welcome to the end no class. The end of payola, vanity and videos full of ass. The beginning of the past. Let us be reminders on our task of a culture that grew fast, was labeled and outcast, but grew stronger as the years passed. Business men will go bankrupt and true MCs will have the last laugh.

(yo it's Guild niggas. True rhymes, true beats and true life. No strife against those that want to rock it right. How we breathe, how we do, how we build? SPEAK THE TRUTH! How we breathe, how we do, how we build? SPEAK THE TRUTH! 2x)
Track Name: The Long Walk
The sun sets and orange photon skies create a moment that can change a persons life. An evening breeze rushes by like the last bit of light turns to night. Waiting for the bus I start to write. A poem, a verse or some axiom to puncture the universe. The bus arrives and departs. I was caught up in the art. Caught up by a spark of intuition. I remained seated bringing it to fruition. I jotted down. I wrote on and on. You wouldn't believe some of the lines in this song. I couldn't see anything but the rhyme. I was so caught up by the moment I lost track of time, missing the last bus line, but all was just fine.. The moon still shined. I cracked a smile thinking it's only a couple of miles till I get to the crib. Quoting verses from tracks like when I used to be a kid. Except the tracks are mine on who I am and how I live. I stopped at the store, bought a blunt and rolled a fat one by the pay phone. Sparked it for the long way home. Now everything is hazy. My eyes are low, my eyes are lazy. Mad thoughts run through my mind like "When will rap pay me?". I came up with another line like "This industry enslaves me and pays me nothing to parade me". Now I'm sitting on the curb. I must be crazy. Line after line, trying hook after hook. I was divine inspiration all over my notebook. I pull the spliff out, light it up and blaze a bit. Ready to write another scrip when Soarse and Shift pull up like "Let me hit that shit"!
Track Name: Borik'en
We knew you would come. We sensed it centuries before you arrived. It was foretold by those who read the heavens. You misunderstand this place. You never stopped to hear HER breathe. You stole her apparel while we slept. We should of never trusted you. We should of killed you on sight! We love this place more than you ever will. More than you ever would and more than you ever could. It isn't in you to love. You were prisoners of ignorance. Prisoners set free to destroy. You the outcasts of power and greed came here to feed, to make us bleed for all the pain you received. Who now is the savage? Why are you in such a hurry? Is it you too know you will be buried? You too will return to wait your turn? We will never leave this place. When you see HER you will see my face. Thieves came through here disguised as pilgrims and left a bad taste. We tried to defend HER, but their lust gave them strength. We were too unprepared to fight. They were gods! Gods with out mercy, greedy gods, killer gods, gods who rapped and cut throats, uncivilized gods, illiterate gods, gods with no morals and ethics, lost gods, mislead gods, misinterpreted gods, misinformed, mismanaged, malicious, malevolent, mindless gods. What have you done to my daughters and sons? Conquer Earth, but you will never conquer the Sun.
Track Name: Woman
This is dedicated to the women that I love in my life. Those beautiful ladies who showed me the light. Avoid of men so they all had to fight to raise me up right. They did it with out a plan. They taught me to understand that it takes more than balls to be a man. Single mothers take a stand. This one's for you Sandy. Matriarch of the family. The center of our lives. Now that I'm older I can see the wisdom in your eyes. Ellen first born. Cool as they come. Stronger than most. If she's at a party evrerybody has fun. Then there's Rose. Nurturing healer who cures depression. Eyes that can force anyone in to submitting their confession. The third was Laura. Bought me my first rap tapes. Another mother no debate and last was Mary, my first babysitter. I always considered her an older sister. Misses stronger with out the misters.

Alice Revoredo, Laura Molina, Mary Camacho, Rose Cruz, Sarah Cruz, Sandy Rivera, Tanya Martinez, Danielle Velez, Ellen Colon, Alexandra Colon, Ramonita Amparo Colon, Shirley Vega, Mariana & Julia Garcia. Las mujeres de mis vidas.

This is dedicated to the women that I love in my life. Those beautiful ladies who showed me the light. Avoid of men so they all had to fight to raise me up right and I can't thank them enough. These women are more than queens, more than smart, more than tough. they showed resilience when stuff got rough. No car. They rode the bus. They raised a man. I want to make sure they understand. This one's for you Amparo. Thank you for holding my hand. Thanks for the smiles. You remain a saint. A loving pacifist is the picture of you I paint. Shirley the first born wrote me a poem and I never forgot that. Her creativity inspired me to rap. Then there's Alice. Mother to Jason her son. She didn't raise me to be dumb. Did it alone with one income. I bow at your feet for your feats. I share a heartbeat with a woman no one and nothing could defeat.

Alice Revoredo, Laura Molina, Mary Camacho, Rose Cruz, Sarah Cruz, Sandy Rivera, Tanya Martinez, Danielle Velez, Ellen Colon, Alexandra Colon, Ramonita Amparo Colon, Shirley Vega, Mariana & Julia Garcia. Las mujeres de mis vidas.

This is dedicated to the women that I love in my life. Those beautiful ladies who showed me the light. Let's start with youngest of all. Little Sarah you're so tall and getting older by the minute. I love you infinite. Mariana mind and heart, Julia heart and mind. Twins but you're both one of a kind. Alexandra my sister, my new friend. Take care of dad as he grows. Email me on how you're doing so I know. Hey Danielle. Intelligent, sexy and sassy. I admire you. You're classy. I can't forget teenie Tanya. Beautiful, goofy and book smart. When are you going to put your stuff on Deviant Art? There's one more woman in mind. the one that keeps me inline. Another one like her I'll never find and she's all mine. My Lina Star. Met her at a Hip Hop bar. Marriage the last step. Ladies we've come so far.

Alice Revoredo, Laura Molina, Mary Camacho, Rose Cruz, Sarah Cruz, Sandy Rivera, Tanya Martinez, Danielle Velez, Ellen Colon, Alexandra Colon, Ramonita Amparo Colon, Shirley Vega, Mariana & Julia Garcia. Las mujeres de mis vidas.
Track Name: Viuda Negra
I spotted her in a large crowd across the street moving softly in unison with the sound of my heart beat. I focused on her beautiful hair dancing in the air. It seemed everyone stared all the while she was unaware. The girl with the burgundy hair is alone in my sight right there and theres people everywhere. Im the type of man that doesnt care. They can all stare. When I succeed Im out of there. Life isnt fair. Theres just something about her I cant place. Theres something about her soft face that makes me want to undo her white dress with lace for a taste of that forbidden fruit. My heart says yes, but my mind is like I need the loot. I cant afford her at this point in my life and Im used to being alone. Im a nomad in the darkness, but in her eyes I see home. She passes buildings made of stone and I loose sight. I descend from roof tops after I checked for the cops. Its now night and Im frantic. I run through the streets and alley ways. Its like a maze. Ill never find her. In the distance a violin plays and plays a melody so haunting I find the way to a bar where a lone violinist with burgundy hair is the star. I put ten dollars in her tip jar.

I never expected this..
I never imagined a woman so dangerous could be this beautiful (2X)

I played the background, watching her every move. She was so beautiful. She played and she soothed my soul. It proved she was different. Her groove was hypnotic in nature. She stares at me. She singles me out of the crowd. She stops playing and the audience gives her a standing ovation so loud it distracts her and I slip away. Patience is key. She mustnt know my intentions today. Today is her last day for love is not an answer. My mother has cancer and my sister wants to be a dancer. My options are limited. I still must take care of them even if I havent visited. The crowd began vanishing one by one, two by two, group by group. She waits for payment from the promoter sipping soup on the upper deck of the restaurant with all the loot. They pays she puts on her coat and walks out. From the bathroom window I slip out. She yells to the bouncer peace out ! I get in my car and Im out, driving down the highway, feeling a little sideways from four drinks, but Im cruising. I arrive and find her pulling in to the driveway of an opulent home all alone. She gets a call on her cell phone.

(Woman speaking in French over the phone)

She ends the call, walks to the window, takes a peek inside and starts heading towards the back of the house. This cat is on to every move of this mouse. I can smell her perfume in
the wind. She moves like me. In the air I taste sin. She pulls out a pistol from the case of her violin. Aims directly inside. The prize is in her eyes. I silently approach her from behind, but think about it some and change my mind. Shes looking for someone she cant find. A few paces back and Im coated in shadow. She starts walking to another window so I follow her and ascend to the roof for clear views of the scene. She lifts her gun, points inside, shes in my sights. My fingers on the trigger about to let the bullet fly. She spots me out the corner of her eye. She shoots, I shoot and she falls to the side. I hear screams coming from inside of the house. I hope no one has died. There on the ground a beautiful woman lied. I couldnt help but sigh. One look in the house and I knew everything was fine. Her bullet only shattered a vase. I turn around and she was gone leaving an imprint of her body in place. One day Ill find that beautiful face..

its done.Im coming to get my money. (Is the target still alive?) no.(good)

I never expected this..
I never imagined a woman so dangerous could be this beautiful (2X)
Track Name: Friendshit
(1 2 1 2 this goes out to you)

Who around you loves you? Can you count with one hand? Is she really your girl? Is he really your man? Do any of them hug you when you cry? Do you feel comfortable enough with them to let a tear fall from your eye? Is it smiles for miles or just another one of their styles they pulled from the good relations file? It's not who's real that bears the friendship seal cuz evil is real, betrayal is real, coldheartedness is real. It's hard to judge so I don't get to close. While others brag and boast on which of their millions of friends they love the most. Everybody's needy, but not everyone one is greedy. There's a thin line between the both of them. There's a Judas in your click set to destroy you but when. You can call me paranoid with a pen, but I just need a friend to chill with, to build with, to learn with. If this is truly hell on earth I'll need someone to burn with. So what defines a friend in this day and age? Someone who's void of personal rage? Want to know why we're not friends? Extract it from this page. Otherwise die in solitude as the band of demons in your head continue to play.

I know how to love, but all I feel is hate. I know what is true, but all I see is fake. Don't give them a chance to lie. When you see it in their eyes tell them no more hi's and goodbyes. 2x

It's so easy to fall in love with the idea of friendship. The concept's so vague it's hit or miss. The guidelines are scarce and never followed. A lot of them offer warmth although their stares are cold. Shoulders so frail to lean on them would damage my soul. It's like I'm alone in a crowded room. A nation of hypocrites full of viciousness who will consume anything and everything that blooms. I guess some of us need so much we're willing to destroy everything. Why do we cling? Friends forever or just a fling? I'm seeing the whole thing in a new light. It's a discussion not a fight. It's not too late to take flight. Do it tonight! Who's here to help you? Who here shows tolerance and compassion. When you're in troubled waters will they do it without asking? Misery loves company in groups. Their whole life is a sample loop. How's a friend supposed to behave anyway? They encourage you to stay when you want to run away. They convince you to die another day. Maybe it's me with the dilemma. I'm so cold in june, so hot in december no one could enter. I can't remember.

I know how to love, but all I feel is hate. I know what is true, but all I see is fake. Don't give them a chance to lie. When you see it in their eyes tell them no more hi's and goodbyes. 2x

How could I get close? I saw the future in the eyes of a ghost. Dead inside and out from a failed love bout haunting your mind. You were needy when you were being kind all those times. Who's a masochist with affinity for getting pissed? Now I'm on your blacklist, but all you have is a blacklist. Your closet frieds not fully trust you miss. Even the ugliest mother fuckers diss. Why is this? You're living in a world that don't exist. Pretending to be happy is too much of a risk. Now you're a little mean bitch. Your friends don't tell you shit cuz ignorance is bliss, but I don't believe this so I'll give you what you miss. But I've already done this. Advising you became redundant. The air surrounding your problems was pungent. More so cuz you had it so much easier than us. Now you want to go to war? Is it my anger you explore or is it yours that you ignore. We're no longer friends so what the fuck you fighting for? The actions you've shown convinced me your heart was made of stone. All the good influence around you and you still haven't grown. I know you'll die alone.
Track Name: The 11th Commandment
I want to be a father and dream with my children. We'd be building under subconscious ceilings. Sunrises with heavens high expectations. Through the windows of the city I've seen a disbelief in genius preparation. Too many parents, too much ignorant authority. Complete lack of respect for the majority. Your prides are so high you smack your kids when they're right. Lie to them to stay right dimming their inner light. That there is the future of your life that you fight! All in the name of your name, but an 8 year old sees every other name as the same. Why should yours be excluded? They lost heart as your perceptions protruded . Truth and freedom to learn it are eluded. For the wrong person you rooted leaving a dying tree deeply rooted. Dive in to the minds of your kids. Not the ones you bore but the ones you were and win back your souls. How will you feel being the one who watched as your genetic line froze? I know you feel the guilt hugging with hate. Stop putting o a show.

This aint home. i don't recognize you. I don't walk beside you. I will not derive you in my home. This aint home nah. this aint home. This aint home. 2x

Most parents are hypocrites. They judge their kids for doing the same things they do, but who judges the hypocrites? It's ridiculous. What woes our children suffer in seclusion from the rest of the world. So many restrictions you have to pry them open for pearls and even then the jewel is tainted. Artists in their own right, but look at when they painted. Portraits of a reality you don't want to face. Another vicious attack when they realize their art was replaced from the fridge where it was placed. the ignorant have no taste. Their taste changes for change. No time to waste. You jumped the barricades they reached but failed to conquer; Yet their freedom frightens thee. So example is taken by a higher authority. The law system, although unjust in most of it's ways, maintains a structure that pacifies the very lawmakers days. So how about a vacation honey. We'll leave the kids with the TVs. Fuck a babysitter or nanny. This way it's like a freebie!

This aint home. i don't recognize you. I don't walk beside you. I will not derive you in my home. This aint home nah. this aint home. This aint home. 2x

Let the greed guide them to fortune and fame. Let them learn to be the same or feel the shame. Use their brains to memorize irrelevant events and names, glorify ancestors pain as only way to keep them tame. They've come to make a change, but we consider them insane. They know that a career will have them functioning in vain. Making bosses money while their pockets remain plain. Look! America has a stain. The ignorant masses of ignorant DNA strains. We say their excuses are lame. We say it so that we don't get the blame. We are the ones who should be ashamed. The out casted teenager has been maimed. The toddlers imagination has been framed. Adult life has been ordained. The newborn has been scorned without a name. A face to become faceless in the reign of the colorless and plain. Jason Colón is a clone. Seven Star is my name. Jason Colón is a clone. Seven Star is my name.

This aint home. i don't recognize you. I don't walk beside you. I will not derive you in my home. This aint home nah. this aint home. This aint home. 2x
Track Name: Return To Sender
Lord grant me the wisdom to evolve. To organize this mess with quick resolve. My only burning bushes have dissolved. You no longer answer when I call. I've never heard more than my echoes in these halls. Let's break these walls and confront the inevitable. Your whereabouts are questionable. Are you my king? Am I to obey thee? Let my ruler appear and declare his decree to me. Relive my fear of your invisibility. Stare me in my eyes and you will have my humility. I still speak to you for tranquility. I understand peace lies beyond the eyes, but my world demands it for judgement. True faith exists in the hundreds. Non religious Christians walk among you in abundance. My hand is extended above the demented, deeply cemented. So many questions unanswered loosing perspective. Guidance in the dimmest environment is needed. All around me I pleaded to conceded leaders till my soul was depleted. On you earth at your left I am seated and you never stared me in the eyes. I'm getting heated, but as I cool the sun rises. They say you don't like ugly so me you must despise. It's just too much for me to grasp. I'm not sure what to believe so belief I cast in to the fires fast to relieve my self of a false past. Now yall perceive me as an outcast. (but that's ok)

If heaven is in the skies then heaven is in space. If heaven is in space then heaven is a planet. If heaven is a planet GOD DAMN IT! 2x

It's like I've been kneeling on grains of rice. Why should I pray when everyday I sin? Paying a price and science says it's just human vice. Human nature makes me hate ya. To choose wrong from right was your gift to us despite the protest of the angels that night. Your soldiers never research. I'm taking a stand. The pain is to intense. More than my knees hurt. The slaves gyrate for freedom with subconscious desires. Wallowing in mire for an entire genetic cycle. I smell the fire in my running wires burning psycho. I'm alright though. Although I may have lost control. Indeed this is truth. Awareness of the length I'll go to get this is the only thing about me that's aloof. Aren't we all men and women who considerably bend for peace of mind to no end.. Till we descend! You let the people continue to be misled knowing well they would misinterpret what they read. The elite do it for power. They eat that mushroom and we drink their golden shower. Sipping false enlightenment from the phallic symbol of cowards. Now in the seventh hour witness the blooming of a dessert flower. Exodus from fathers and suns directly towards the sun. The brightest one. What has culminated is analysis of the pseudo sacred leaving my people vacant. the lost children uncomfortably naked in hatred. For Gods sake wish upon a star. Stare at it from afar. Put the star in a song, book or poem. This is war Everywhere there's war!!

If heaven is in the skies then heaven is in space. If heaven is in space then heaven is a planet. If heaven is a planet GOD DAMN IT! 2x
Track Name: Trojan Horse
Up goes the curtain. Out comes a survivor. He grabs the mic clearing his throat from saliva. They clap for him. He sees in them proof. They still love it when it's truth! And we can dance all night if you like the ladies are a delight and fellas have em in their sights for romance. Let's take it back to the days when we used to slow dance. Fellas forget your boys. Ladies give the fellas a chance. Tonight is the last night. Tomorrow may never come and I'm just telling you in advance LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH! Rap is something they do. Hip Hop is something I breathe life into. Down goes the curtain. They cheer for an encore. He does an acappella. The definition of hardcore. People are satisfied. Another rapper deified. Although a mortal man he accepts it. Knowing if the people knew the truth they would reject it. With enough love anything you imaging will come true. this is me attempting to prove it to you. They say an MC who drops clues is an MC who will not lose. If you make them dance they'll reward you with love. Put your hands in the air when push comes to shove. Now is the time to sprout wings from our spine. Look above cuz below is everything we already know. Ladies and gentlemen it's time to grow!

Let's get in to their minds (infiltration). Take over the radio stations (infiltration). Let's tell the truth in schools (infiltration). If change is needed anywhere and you don't know what to do try infiltration yall. Try infiltration. Try infiltration kid. Try infiltration. Try infiltration man. Try infiltration. Try infiltration yall. Try infiltration.

I wont be stopped. The people are unprepared for the knowledge I drop. They got to know that this is the time of our lives when we need to take it all in to survive. Are you down to ride? Live and let die is the type of man I am. Don't get confused. I'm always looking to understand. Where do we stand as a crew, as a click, as a squad, as a fam, as a culture? Lift up your hands in the name of love and happiness and forgetting our woes for the night. Let it all go. Let it flow through the club till everyone of us feels so right. Take those clothes off. Make a love they wont allow on sunday mornings at the church with who you love. Girls shake that shit, but remember that your brain will keep your name from being drug out in the mud. I am Seven Star. I'm here to rock it for yall. Up on the stage looking tall cuz I spit out that raw type of rap t make you slap radio djs for sleeping on it all. Wake their asses up. Tell them Sev and Deviant have a song for them to play a million times cuz that's what they do, but in the club it's Seven Star they want to hear. He makes the darkest clubs shine. I've foreseen the time.

Let's stand up to the powers (infiltration). Let's take over Hollywood (infiltration). Help the third world everywhere through (infiltration). If love is needed anywhere and you don't known what to do. Try infiltration yall. try infiltration. Try infiltration money. Try infiltration. Try infiltration homie. Try infiltration. Try infiltration yall.

Line after line. I want you to absorb it. My mind with your mind. We move like flocks of birds or schools of fish. To come together is my only wish. I am a fisher of man above the quickening sand. I want to travel the land and teach a mind to expand. Under no circumstances will I retreat the Trojan Horse. We're situated to infiltrate and we're right on course. So let the doors open! Something to continue the party they're hoping. Hopefully they've got an opened mind. Let the exodus take place cuz you're no longer confined. Now is the time. Put your fist in the air as a sign. People, people. Welcome to an errors end. Check your self, check your family and check your friends. I mean to make amends with all the separated trends. I need to know who's down for change and who's down to the end. Where are the rebels among you barbies and kens. Those who are tired of being clones and wish to be true women and men. Stand up, clap your hands and witness evolution. I've come to only one conclusion. Scientist call it fusion. It's you and I in the beat. It's them and us in the fleet. It's who you are when they speak. It's who they are when you think. It's you and me baby Paola my lady. Deviant and Manuvers in the mix just like this!

Let's try to love our enemy (infiltration). Study all religions the same (infiltration). Write a letter to the senate (infiltration). If hope is needed anywhere and you don't know what to do. Try infiltration yall. Try infiltration. Try infiltration son. Try infiltration. Try infiltration girl. Try infiltration. Try infiltration yall. Try infiltration.